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About LinuxGeex.Com Jun 1st 2013

Welcome to LinuxGeex.Com, a mild-mannered Linux advocacy site.

My goal is to introduce people to the power and freedom of Open Source Software, and Open Hardware where possible. Currently, GNU/Linux is the most capable vehicle to this end.

I got my start running Linux in the summer of 1994 with Slackware 2.0 and kernel 1.09. (darkstar) I also gave Debian and Red Hat a try shortly thereafter with the InfoMagic 4 CD set in late '95, but found that Slackware's performance was much better, and the package manager such as it was gave much finer-grained control over what was installed and what wasn't. With this new version of Slackware I got to try out the wonder of ELF, which didn't seem to improve performance but it sure made a mess of compatibility, lol... 'til I figured out to load the binfmt-* modules! Then I could also load... Solaris WABI!

I ran Slackware exclusively until SuSe got the better of my curiosity in 1998. I still find that Slackware is one of the fastest, most stable, and tweakable distros available to this very day. I have to admit that Debian is now a much more manageable distro, and with the number of packages installed in the thousands, I don't have time to tweak every one of them by hand or memorize all their config options. Some I still do, of course. But who really wants to remember all the timezones, or the config options for dia, speech-dispatcher, etc? In this regard Linux Mint is perhaps the current king of Ease of Use at the desktop, and SuSe (with the almighty YaST) is the king at the server.

That's only my opinion. You're free to form your own. ;-)

Please check out my articles and the various links to learn more.

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