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Curriculum Vitae:William A. BarathJan 24th, 2012

[Address not published]+1 (250) 984-3240 (t)

Victoria, BCw dot barath at gmail dot com

Objective :
Career in a field where I can grow and apply my skills, contribute to business and peer growth.
Experience :
MIW Global Limited
37th Floor, 1 Canada
Square Canary Wharf, London,
E14 5AA, United Kingdom
Lead Developer,
Enterprise Applications

May 2009-Present
  • Lead Developer, 4-man team, MIW CMS and MCR platform
  • Design and implement APIs for integration with our partners including TNUK (, Moneybookers, Cashflows
  • Ensure timely delivery of API and Platform features.
  • Provide technical consultation services to our partners
  • Perform PCI Compliancy penetration testing and resolve issues
  • Social Media Integration
  • Learned jQuery and Javascript
  • Got to rub shoulders with some larger development teams
PO Box 1000,
Woodford Green, Essex
IG8 0XX , United Kingdom
Lead Developer,
API Integration, Lead Clearing House

May 2009-Present
  • Custom ACID transaction server, de-duplication using quantized text hashes
  • Design and implement RESTful APIs for our partners including Certass,
  • Leads2Trade, UK Trades Confederation, NHS.
  • Installed and maintained several linux computers dedicated to the project.
  • Provide technical consultation services to our partners.
  • Got to innovate the business model somewhat
IDM Systems Limited
238 High Street,
Epping, Essex,
CM16 4AP, United Kingdom
System Administrator
May 2005-May 2009
  • Design a virtual application architecture for instantly deployed websites. (basically Cloud before “The Cloud”)
  • Installed and maintained several linux computers dedicated to the project.
  • Ensure stability and function of process control equipment, network.
  • Learned PHP and enjoyed managing the users/groups
Southland Canada (7-11)
Suite 2400,
13450 102nd Ave.
Surrey, BC,
V3T 0C3, Canada
Retail Store Manager
May 1994 - Dec 2009
  • Manage a team to ensure rapid customer turnaround.
  • Training new employees per company guidelines.
  • Trained cash controller.
  • Promote long-term goal of customer’s loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Learned accounting practices, Merchandising techniques, and perhaps most importantly, Tanpin-Kanri, the 4-step process.
Education :
  • Highschool Grad Mount Douglas, Victoria 1988
  • BC Foodsafe 1 & II
  • Pleasurecraft Operator's Card, SPPSS Safe Boating
  • Industrial First Aid
  • Firefighting, Gasoline Fire Prevention, ESSO Operations Integrity
  • Numerous accounting, merchandising, management courses through Southland Canada's employee education program.
  • Everything else I owe to O'Reilly, SAMS, Google, and my peers.
Qualifications :
  • Logical approach to troublehooting and simplifying problems
  • Highly self-motivated, proven ability to meet deadlines
  • Ability to create technical documentation for non-technical users
  • Familiarity with EU Data Protection standards (ISO 27002) and PCI Compliancy
  • Experience with Agile/Scrum Development Model, TDD methodology
  • SQL, ACID transactions, Payment processing (MOTO, CONT etc.)
  • 17 years of Red Hat and Debian Linux administration experience
  • PHP, Javascript, jQuery, HTML 4, CSS 2, Perl, Bash, Sed etc.
  • Ability to find bottlenecks, optimize and simplify code
  • BIND, Postfix, Courier IMAP, Apache/SSL
  • KVM, OpenVZ containers

References provided upon request

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